Although each field of science has its own rules and methods, science is a universal whole in which all fields are interconnected. Based on this principle, our journal, which we aim to contribute to science with the coexistence of various fields of science, is based on a multidisciplinary academic approach.

Our journal has set out to be a qualified academic platform for scientists doing research in the fields of social and human sciences, natural sciences and technical sciences, where they can contribute to science with their research.

ROMAYA (RESEARCHES ON MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACHES - MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACADEMIC APPROACH RESEARCH) is a multidisciplinary, international, peer-reviewed academic journal published twice a year (April – October). The journal includes researches prepared in the fields of social and human sciences, natural sciences and technical sciences, health sciences and qualified academic studies such as articles, reports and case reports.

In line with the principle of universality of science, articles submitted to our journal, which is a free  Open Access journal, will go through a double-blind peer-review process before publication.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contributions.

Aims and Scope

Multidisciplinary Academic Approach Studies publishes articles prepared in the fields of social, human and natural sciences with quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods. The journal publishes research that is within the traditional discipline and also includes different topics and methods from this discipline. The journal aims to increase the awareness of these theories in a wider field of science by compiling theories that are used by a single discipline but are likely to be used in different disciplines.

For information on article submission, please see our Author Guide. If you need more information or assistance, you can contact us at info@romayajournal.com / romayajournal@gmail.com.

Wage Policy

Authors who submit articles to Researches on Multidisciplinary Approaches (ROMA)/Multidisipliner Akademik Yaklaşım Araştırmaları (MAYA) (Romaya Journal) are charges after submitting an article in line with article 44 of the Inter-University Board (ÜAK) Ass. Prof. criteria. In order to start the evaluation process of the articles sent to the journal 1250 TL is requested as a participation fee as a contribution to digital printing, typesetting processes, journal staff and other processes. This fee is collected regardless of the acceptance/rejection condition of the article.

Owner/ Publisher

Ebru Bagci, Beykent University, Turkey

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